The inspiration behind Lefatshe Concepts is community development and giving back to the community. Lefatshe Concepts is a platform that takes different sporting activities from all ages, in different cities by elevating and exposing them on a Local, National /International platform. The main aim of the Lefatshe Concepts is to develop the community and give back through sports culture and encourage unity amongst communities. Our Mantra is a statement by Prof J.J Jansen, “Amidst all the busyness with the details of life, stop often to ask the big-picture question- WHY AM I HERE; WHY AM I DOING THIS?” Hence empowering, developing and giving back to the community is the core of our passion and business.


  • To give back to the community
  • To Develop the Community
  • To Improve relationships between politics and the community
  • To Allow all kinds of artists to give back to their supporters
  • To create a Platform for corporates to give back

Sporting Activities

Mayoral Cup Soccer Challenge
Mayoral Cup Rugby
Mayoral Cup Cricket
Mayoral Cup Basketball
Mayoral Cup Marathon
Mayoral Cup Bowling
Mayoral Hockey
Mayoral Golf Day
Mayoral Chess